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Before you judge this book by its name, let me tell you this. The Fast Way To Slow Down Ageing by Sheri Dixon is not about some skin treatments or superficial remedies. This book is an in depth guide to changing your body from within that results in a healthier you.

The Fast Way To Slow Down Ageing talks about something called Mitochondrial Therapy. Although the name sounds complex, it really isn’t. The books talks about making changes through food, lifestyle and stress management. It also sheds light on a rarely talked about topic, that you body is unique.

Sheri Dixon, the author, is a certified nutritionist who designs custom made diets for people with almost any kind of problems. She explains how to lead a healthy lifestyle though Mitochondrial Therapy, which is perfect for people who want to try a DIY lifestyle change.

If you are interested to know more, I suggest you read the book and also visit her website: The Fast Way To Slow Down Ageing is definitely not your regular weight loss/anti ageing book for sure.

Dr. Ghassan Siblini MD

The FAST Way to SLOW Down Ageing tackles science that doesn’t exist in abundance in current medical books yet, so most physicians still don’t have a good grasp of the role of the most important control mechanism of human health, our autonomic nervous system.
In this book you will read about futuristic health issues that, in conjunction with mitochondrial therapy, are the cornerstone for healing many chronic diseases.
This is a true evolution of health sciences that few health professionals know in depth.
Many of my own patients lives have been changed from a state of despair with chronic illness, back to health.
We owe huge gratitude to the author for empowering us with futuristic tools of health now.

Tyrone Bray, Tyton Health & Performance

If true health and vitality have been evading you for some time now, Sheri Dixon’s book, ‘The FAST Way to SLOW Down Ageing’ opens the door to what may be the miracle you’ve been searching for - the rapidly expanding field of mitochondrial therapy.
Sheri’s ability to simplify even the most complex of subjects and simplify them for all levels of reader, along with her ’no fear’ approach to tackling some of the most controversial topics surrounding health and nutrition, never ceases to amaze me.
Whether you’re in search of health for yourself, or you’re looking for a way to get better results for clients in your own practice, clinic, or gym, this book is a must read!

Ray Peat PhD

I’ve read the chapters on stress and food facts and fantasies, and they are good introductions to the subjects, that will provide a helpful context for the material related to the mitochondria.

Christopher Warden, Holistic Health Coach

What struck me most about Sheri when she first taught me seven years ago was her conviction, care, and compassion as she shared her deep well of knowledge in health and nutrition.  
Sheri is a detail-oriented, tireless practitioner, who relentlessly pursues and teaches cutting-edge material for those she serves.  
I'd be hard pressed to find another professional who teaches from the heart, about the heart, and about mitochondrial therapy.

Colin Andrew Brown, author of The Heart Explosion

Highlighting scientific research into heart rate variability and mitochondrial therapy is not just what this book is about. It is the knowledge of how to change your life and improve your health, easily understood and useable, that makes it so special.

Emily Brooks – Health At Heart

The book we have all been waiting for! The wealth of knowledge and experience you will find within these pages may just make this one of the most important books you will ever read.
I am lucky enough to be my own living example of the incredible effects that can take place and I’ve witnessed it help countless people around me.
I will be forever thankful for the incredible work of Dr. Kucera, and forever grateful to Sheri Dixon for making this work accessible to us all.

Kashif Siddiqi; Professional and International footballer,
Co-Founder- Football for Peace

I had always struggled with low energy levels and allergies! Mitochondrial therapy has literally transformed the way I am able to function, both in my every day life and also as an athlete. In particular carnosine has uplifted my abilities to do more. So much so, that I would go as far to say its been a huge contributor in enabling me to also focus on launching a global charitable movement!

Dr. Etienne Callebout M.D

The mitochondria are like integrated bacteria living in our cells producing energy from food and oxygen for the benefit of the whole cell. They have come much more in focus since it was found that malfunctioning mitochondria are closer to be a primary cause of cancer, ageing, insulin insensitivity leading to diabetes, uncontrolled destructive free radical activity from bad burning of the food due to lack of active regulating short proteins the mitochondria normally secrete themselves and this makes them also stop inducing cell suicide in bad cells so that the body gets invaded by these cells.
So we must restore these mitochondria as much as possible. 
The cell can eat its own malfunctioning parts, such as sick mitochondria, by fasting or more simply having an early dinner and late breakfast, diet, supplements, short bursts of exercise, ie having a good sweat, detoxification etc. so that we feel younger, have more energy and get rid of chronic inflammation and rogue cells.
An incredible study last year found that humans, exposed to sunlight (photons) after having drunk a green drink, (chlorophyll) and having enough DHA (a fatty acid also found in micro-algae ) in their body, can transform light into matter as they found much cleaner chlorophyll derived electrons in all the mitochondria after this exposure! Another way to increase your energy and youthfulness!
Bravo for bringing on mitochondria awareness with this book. 

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